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beanshell and mercurial

There's something I would like to suggest:

Java is going to be open sourced soon and Mercurial is the selected distributed SCM tool to control the Java source code.  Unfortunately, Mercurial uses Python for its interpreted programs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a derivation of Mercurial, call it MercurialJ for example, where all of its interpreted programs are written in BeanShell instead of Python. You might shout and say, "Don't fix what is not broken," but the fact that Mercurial right now relies on Python interpreter and the Java's progress will rely on Mercurial, now, imagine how it will impact Java, marketing-wise. But this is more political and this is not the main reason why I'm suggesting MercurialJ.

The first good reason to create MercurialJ, I think, is that Mercurial minus Python is easier (and smaller) to install on Windows because the end users will no longer require the python interpreter but the JRE in their box instead. Secondly, Mercurial is going to be a big thing; and MercurialJ is not a bad thing to be the BeanShell's next killer-app.

If it's so feasible, I hope somebody who's capable will be interested. If it's not feasible and that I'm just talking nonsense, then excuse me and just forget about what I said.

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