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applet, lot's of requests for bsh.class

Christian Reichlin

i use beanshell in an applet. it was extremely slow, after a while i
found out that there were lots of requests to the applet codebase,
looking for classes named "bsh".
i found out that the most of this class requests went trough
ClassManagerImpl.classForName() so i filtered them out there.
after this, i found out that there is more of a similar behaviour:
each time i check a variable vor void there is a class request sendt to
the server for each imported package

interpreter.eval("if(foo != void){}");
results in several:

does anyone have an idea how to get rid of this behaviour? filtering out
all this calls in the classForName method is not a long term solution.


the stack of the classForName call for the example above looks like:
Thread [main] (Suspended (breakpoint at line 153 in ClassManagerImpl))
    ClassManagerImpl.classForName(String) line: 153
    NameSpace.classForName(String) line: 1237
    NameSpace.getImportedClassImpl(String) line: 1213
    NameSpace.getClassImpl(String) line: 1127
    NameSpace.getClass(String) line: 1078
    Name.consumeNextObjectField(CallStack, Interpreter, boolean,
boolean) line: 301
    Name.toObject(CallStack, Interpreter, boolean) line: 202
    Name.toObject(CallStack, Interpreter) line: 185
    NameSpace.get(String, Interpreter) line: 238
    Interpreter.get(String) line: 829
    Interpreter.getu(String) line: 841
    Interpreter.<init>(Reader, PrintStream, PrintStream, boolean,
NameSpace, Interpreter, String) line: 200
    Interpreter.<init>(Reader, PrintStream, PrintStream, boolean,
NameSpace) line: 215
    Interpreter.<init>() line: 250
    bshtest.main(String[]) line: 7

version: 2.0b4

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