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Re: Another BshServlet with session scope interpreter

Hacim Bengali
> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: "Achim Abeling" <[hidden email]>
> Gesendet: 07.09.08 20:50:57
> An: [hidden email]
> Betreff: [Beanshell-users] Another BshServlet with session scope interpreter

> Hi,
> the BshServlet creates a new Interpreter on every request.
> You are therefore not able to set variables using an evaluation.
> Another point is that you are not able to predefine variables on the
> interpreter.
> I wrote a servlet which has these two features.
> It is available via SVN from
> http://subversion.banapple.de/public/beanshell-extensions/
> I would like to hear your opinions about it.
> Best regards
> Hacim

There is now a homepage at


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