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Pre-parse BSH files?

MacDermid, Kenny
Hello All,

I noticed some of this has been discussed before, but I was unable to
find any definitive answers.

I'm looking for a way to pre-parse and save beanshell files in a more
optimized format. I need to call many beanshells from different
interpreters across threads and sessions. I cannot simply change these
beanshells to use methods and reuse the interpreters.

What I would like is some simple beanshell classloader-type object that
would load and parse the BSH on first use, and from then on have another
interpreter evaluate the already generated parse-tree. I'm guessing this
doesn't exist. A simpler solution might possible be to serialize either
the parse tree, or the whole interpreter (is it possible to load a
script, parse it all, then at some later point evaluate this script?).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do this currently, or
changes to the code that could more easily allow this later.

Thanks in advance,


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