Performance difference between various versions of beanshell

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Performance difference between various versions of beanshell

Jayesh Vora-2

We are using bean shell in our product. I have found
major difference in performance between various
versions of Beanshell. Here are my findings:
- The test case involves executing 50 different
pieces of java code for 20 times in loop.
- When I do this with beanshell version 1.2b8, I get
average time to evaluate all 50 pieces of java code
as about 200 milliseconds.
- With beanshell version 1.3, it becomes
about 1200 milliseconds.
- And with veanshell version 2.0b4, it becomes
about 2000 milliseconds.

Thus between versions 1.2b8 and 2.0b4, there is
a performance drop by factor of 10.

Am I missing something here, or do I need to
set some configuration parameters of flags with


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