[PATCH] Print entire AST when "-p" option used

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[PATCH] Print entire AST when "-p" option used

Tom Copeland
Hello all -

Here's a small patch to the grammar which causes it to print the entire
AST when the "-p" parameter is passed in.



$ svn diff src/bsh/bsh.jjt
Index: src/bsh/bsh.jjt
--- src/bsh/bsh.jjt     (revision 41)
+++ src/bsh/bsh.jjt     (working copy)
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@
                        while( !parser.Line()/*eof*/ )
                                if ( print )
System.out.println( parser.popNode() );
+                                       parser.popNode().dump("");

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