Overriding an overloaded method causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

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Overriding an overloaded method causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Jeffrey McGee
I get ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and other strange errors when I
try to override a method that was overloaded in a base class.

This code works just fine:
class GoodBase {
    public void paint(int step, Runnable g) { }
    public void paint(Runnable g) { }
public class GoodTest extends GoodBase {
    public void paint(Runnable g) { }

But when you put this code into BeanShell, you get an
class BadBase {
    public void paint(Runnable g, int step) { }
    public void paint(Runnable g) { }
public class BadTest extends BadBase {
    public void paint(Runnable g) { }

I believe the following patch to classContainsMethod() fixes the problem:
Index: ClassGeneratorUtil.java
--- ClassGeneratorUtil.java     (revision 41)
+++ ClassGeneratorUtil.java     (working copy)
@@ -710,6 +710,10 @@
                                        String [] methodParamTypes =
methods[i].getParameterTypes() );
+                                       if(methodParamTypes.length !=
+                                               continue;
                                        boolean found = true;
                                        for( int j=0;
j<methodParamTypes.length; j++)

Two methods are obviously different if they have a different number of
parameters so you can skip the for loop entirely.

Jeff McGee

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