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Java 5 in Beanshell

Martin Eklund

I've cretates my own compiled command called createClomunBlocks, which
can take a variable number of ints as input. Hence the Java 5 varargs
feature is pretty convenient. However, that doesn't seem to be supported
by Beanshell and I get the following error:

Error invoking compiled command: : Error invoking compiled command:
bsh.ReflectError: Static method invoke( bsh.Interpreter, bsh.CallStack,
int, int, int, int ) not found in class'bsh.commands.createColumnBlocks'

(As a workaround the ints can be but in an array and the array passed as
argument to the method. However, as I'm creating a script language for
end users I preferably want to keep the syntax as simple as possible.)

Just out of curiosity, will Beanshell support Java 5 syntax and if so,
is there a time frame when that will happen?

Thank you!


Martin Eklund
PhD Student
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Uppsala University, Sweden
Ph: +46-18-4714281

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