Is there any activity ?

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Is there any activity ?

Mikael Aronsson
The latest version on the website is many years old now, it was supposed to
be released as a
script engine (JSR-274) but I have not seen much of it though.

Is it dead or is there any activity going on with this ? are there any other
website where this
is happening in that case or what ?

It would be nice to get some clue on what is going on and if I should
continue to useBeanShell
or look elsewhere (at the monent what I have is a many years old beta

I like beanshell and think it is  much nicer then Grovvy and JavaScript so I
would prefer
to use Beanshell but if nothing is happening with it I guess I have to look
for another solution.

I am pretty sure Pat and others are working on this but as I have no idea at
all on what is going
on and I cannot find any information on the current website it is not easy
to figure out what is
going on, so some kind of information now and then on the website would be
nice, or
if this is going on at some other website a link to it would be nice.


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Re: Is there any activity ?

I have been maintaining a BeanShell fork for my own use here:

I have fixed bugs and added enhancements as I found a need.  If everyone who uses BeanShell would check in bug fixes and enhancements to this fork, then all of us would benefit.  I give out check-in privileges freely.  The source code is fairly simple, so anyone should be able to work with it.