Is it possible (and how) to use the beanshell classloader?

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Is it possible (and how) to use the beanshell classloader?


I love beanshell and use it a lot. For the moment I am ebedding benashell and use compiled commands. Since my compiled commands use libs that are in the classpath for the beanee but not in the classpath of the beanshell binary, I catch a ClassNotFound Exception. So I thought I can use the beanshell ClassLoader like this:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    bsh.Interpreter i = new bsh.Interpreter();
    i.getClassManager().addClassPath(new URL("http://very/far/url/"));
    i.eval("//do  cool stuff");

Seems the getClassLoader() method is not defined. Is there a way to get the classloader?


PS I am embeding Beanshell into a database application using pl/java. This means I do not have any way to configure the jvms classpath to includ 3rd party libs beside the bsh.jar