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Closures (the kind we already have)

Tom Edelson
I wanted to say that I consider the existing "named" closures to be
useful and cool, too, if only because they let you create something
with object-like behavior, a good deal more succinctly than creating a
whole class.

Coincidentally, about a week ago, I submitted an example of Beanshell
code to the "99
Bottles of Beer"* web site, and it uses closures in this way.  The site
is at

or you can jump directly to my Beanshell contribution at

* The idea behind this site is to take a simple programming task --
   write a program that prints out the lyrics to the "99 Bottles of
   Beer" song -- and collect implementations of it in as many
   programming languages as possible.  It's still growing: last week,
   just after my contribution, they were at 713 languages, and now
   they're at 721.  Warning: if you're a language geek like I am, it
   can be a great time sink.

From: Pat Niemeyer <pat@pa...>
Re: Using method closures...
2005-06-22 07:21

  > I know Beanshell trivially supports method closures (things that
  > a "this" reference).  Closures are supposed to be "cool" (i.e.,
  > Does anyone have any examples of situations where they are useful?

  I think that the "cool" stuff generally centers around what I guess
  call anonymous closures...  and utilities that accept those as part of
  their API.

What that means is the ability to basically pass a chunk of code as an
  argument to a method and have the method evaluate it when it needs it,
  with various kinds of control over binding variables to it...

  BeanShell doesn"t currently have a syntax for making these kinds of
  closures...  only named ones (the return "this" kind) that are bound
  the namespace in which they were created).  There is nothing
  difficult about doing this and in fact BeanShell has all the tools to
  it... you could sort of roll your own using the setNameSpace() or
  namespace setParent() methods and the this.caller reference.  But
  not friendly of course.


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