Beanshell about to get nurtured by the Apache Foundation

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Beanshell about to get nurtured by the Apache Foundation

Hello guys;

I am currently a developer in Apache OpenOffice and as part of the process of becoming an Apache Project we had to work on improving the licensing of our dependencies so we got in contact with the Beanshell authors to see the possibility of them adopting the Apache License [1].

The kind guys of Ikayzo, not only agreed to relicense Beanshell, but they also offered to license the code to the Apache Software Foundation so that it can be used in other Apache Projects. We are currently discussing the details of how to make it part of the Apache Commons project.

The Apache Foundation is non-profit organization built by the efforts of volunteers and offers a well structured framework under which diverse groups can contribute to their favorite Open Source projects. For us, this is a pretty exciting development and an opportunity to further enhance BeanShell's development.

Please feel free to study the draft document and join this exciting new project by registering and adding yourself in the Wiki [2].

best regards,