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BeanShell and Parameterized Classes

Jesse Pavel

Can BeanShell not work with (the raw version of) types that have parameters?

I have an interface and a class:

public interface IdentifierProvider extends Iterable<String>

public class CTagsFileProvider implements IdentifierProvider, Serializable

and in a BeanShell script, I try to cast an instance of
CTagsFileProvider to IdentifierProvider, with

Interpreter i = new Interpreter();
IdentifierProvider p = (IdentifierProvider)i.eval
        ("(IdentifierProvider)new CTagsFileProvider()");

but I get

Target exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot cast
com.illengineer.jcc.CTagsFileProvider to com.illengineer.j

        at bsh.UtilTargetError.toEvalError(
        at bsh.UtilEvalError.toEvalError(
        at bsh.BSHCastExpression.eval(
        at bsh.Interpreter.eval(
        at bsh.Interpreter.eval(
        at bsh.Interpreter.eval(

even though CTagsFileProvider implements that interface, and the cast
can be performed in Java without a hitch.

It doesn't sound right...


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