BeanShell Scoping in Java 1.5

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BeanShell Scoping in Java 1.5

Chris Wagner-3
Hi all,

I created a BeanShell script that executed properly under Java 1.4,
using BeanShell 1.3.  After moving it to our "production" server, the
script would not run properly -- at least not how I expected.

After google'ing, I noticed the scoping change that took place during
BeanShell 1.3 development.  It seemed as if the behavior that I was
seeing was of the "oldscoping".  However, "oldscoping" was off, and
checking Interpreter.LOCALSCOPING revealed that it was false.

So, it turned out that I was using Java 1.5 on the production server.  I
reverted to Java 1.4, and all seems well.  What I am wondering is, why
this issue was so difficult to track down.  No obvious google searches
("beanshell scoping problems") revealed any help.  The only thing I
found was this ,
which had no responses.

Chris W.

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