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Daniel Leuck

Hi Folks, (, which hosts the BeanShell community wiki ( has been upgraded in a number of ways:


- New, faster hardware with more memory (everything is much snappier!)

- The latest versions of Confluence, Jira, and Subversion

- A new [hidden email] list to report server problems

- Scheduled backups to a drive in another data center


DNS was switched over yesterday, so if it hasn’t reached you yet, you can use the new server’s IP:


We were able to port all the Confluence content, but registered users did not come over.  If you cannot login, please re-register.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you to all those that have contributed BeanShell docs!


We have not yet migrated the 10 or so BeanShell issues that were in Jira.



While you are there, check out the other two projects:

    SDL – A terse, Java like declarative language

    Jupiter – A great Eclipse plugin that assists with code reviews


Note: Please email the SDL or Jupiter lists with feedback so we can keep this list to just BeanShell topics.



Many thanks to those that assisted with the server migration and the upgrades.


As always, we are looking for volunteers to assist with:

- Writing BeanShell and SDL related Eclipse plugins (syntax highlighting, autocomplete, etc.)

- Writing BeanShell and SDL related documentation

- Contributing code to all projects (write the project lead or appropriate list for more info.)

- The platform (the site, systems, etc.)


On a related note, I hope to contribute some Java 5 language features in the near future (schedule permitting.)


Best regards,


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