Automated Installer for Windows with .bsh File Association

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Automated Installer for Windows with .bsh File Association

I have created an automated installer for BeanShell for Windows called BeanShell Double-Click.


  1. Automated install and uninstall.
  2. File association for .bsh files that automatically runs a BeanShell script when you double-click it or type it at the command line.
  3. On double-click, it is smart enough to pause before closing the window so you can see the output.
  4. If it is run from the command line, it does not pause before exiting, as is appropriate in that context.
  5. A nice icon for .bsh files.
  6. Extended commands included that are automatically put into the classpath.
  7. A jar to access the Windows registry already in the classpath.
  8. A standard framework for adding your own extensions and having them automatically included in the existing invocation system.

If you could send me a donation through the SourceForge donation system, it would really help me continue to improve this project. Thanks