[ANN] Seco JVM Scripting Environment 0.3 released

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[ANN] Seco JVM Scripting Environment 0.3 released

Borislav Iordanov
Hi all,

This is JSR 223 based scripting dev environment for Java dynamic
languages that's been in the works for several years now:

We've just released version 0.3. Here's the official press release,
please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Kobrix Software is pleased to announce the release of Seco 0.3 Seco,
formerly known as Scriba, is a scripting development environment for
JVM-based dynamic languages. Seco has been in active development and use
for the past several years and it is a perfect companion to the serious
Java developer.

Key features include:

- Support of many popular JVM languages with syntax highlighting and
code completion for most.
- Advanced script editing interface based on structured notebooks as
popularized by the Mathematica system.
- A WYSIWYG HTML editor for documentation.
- An infinite, zoomable 2D canvas for arbitrary layout of components,
container nesting and more.
- Full workspace automatically persisted in an
embedded HyperGraphDB database (see http://www.kobrix.com/hgdb.jsp)
- Support for importing 3d party libraries in multiple evaluation
- Based on the JSR 223 standard for language interoperability - all
languages share the same runtime context.
- Real-time collaboration and exchange of components and notebooks via a
P2P network.

Seco is perfect not only for prototyping, testing and experimentation,
but it is also the ideal tool for learning a given JVM language or a new
Java library. It can be used to build complete interactive applications
embedded within the environment itself similarly to a life system like

Seco is free, open-source, LGPL licensed software.

To download and for more information, please visit the Seco home page at


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